Lifehaven Womens Support Society
What We Do

Traveling the road between addiction recovery and life as a healthy, contributing member of the community can be overwhelming and filled with obstacles.

We at Lifehaven are committed to walking this road with our clients, assisting each woman to overcome these obstacles and reach her full potential.

In order to Bridge The Gap between addiction recovery and living life free from the cycles of addiction, we are currently providing the following services:


  • Advisors to discuss safe, affordable, housing options
  • Referrals to housing where appropriate
  • Use of our support centre computers to explore housing options
  • Assistance to find housing that best meets each client's individual needs


  • Referrals to community services that support adult education
  • Information and support to enable clients to select an appropriate education program to enrol in
  • Advisors to assist in the enrolment process where necessary
  • Professional tutors to aide clients requiring extra support


  • Teaching on success strategies for the job market
  • Assistance with resume writing, cover letters, and filling out job applications
  • Coaching in how to prepare for job interviews
  • Training in basic computer and job search skills
  • Use of our support centre computers for job searching and on-line applications


  • Professional individual counselling provided at the Lifehaven office
  • Family counselling available when appropriate
  • Periodic weekly group counselling sessions


  • Support group meetings
  • Spiritual mentoring


  • Parenting classes
  • Nutritional training
  • Financial planning
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